Hard chrome plating

One of the exclusive services we offer includes hard chrome plating for large format rollers, for instance for gravure cylinders, technical rollers, guide rollers, and much more.

We chrome plate steel, copper, and aluminum.

Among their many benefits, chrome-plated surfaces provide a significant value-added for trouble-free operation of gravure cylinders. Chrome-plating is generally also an effective protection against corrosion and wear.
Our portfolio also includes chrome removal and buffing, as well as surface treatment in the form of grinding and polishing operations.

Available sizes and processing geometries:

  • Ballenbreite bis 4.300 mm
  • Gesamtbreite bis 5.000 mm
  • Ballendurchmesser bis 650 mm
  • Face lenght up to 4,300 mm.
  • Overall lenght up to 5,000 mm.
  • Diameter up to 600 mm.

RZ values: up to <0.1µm
Concentricity and parallelism: up to 0.01 mm


Gravure cylinders

      • Complete overhaul
      • Dechroming
      • Preparation of the old engraving
      • Chrome plating with freely selectable layer thicknesses
      • Fine finish of the newly chrome-plated surface


Structure-/ embossing rollers

      • Cleaning and activation of the etched or lasered surface (glass bead blasting)
      • Chrome plating up to structure depths of 2 mm possible
      • No edge build-up and very homogeneous chrome layer due to horizontal chrome plating technology
      • Steel and copper rolls possible


Technical Rollers

      • Cylindrical grinding of steel and chrome surfaces
      • Form and position tolerances of <0.01 mm possible
      • Guaranteed non-porous chrome layers
      • Layer thicknesses up to 600 µm
      • Super-finished surfaces (Rz < 0.1 µm) "mirror finish
      • Matting up to Rz 40 µm possible (steel material freely selectable)



      • Grinding and polishing of aluminium surfaces
      • High-quality chrome plating directly on aluminium
      • Matting of aluminium
      • Chemical dechroming of chrome-plated aluminium surfaces
      • Absolutely streak-free matting due to horizontal fabric take-up and exact steel head feed