Helio Brushing

Helio brushing is a surface treatment process for gravure cylinders and embossing rollers.

Brushing instead of polishing

Finishing with Helio brushing replaces conventional surface treatments with polishing stones. As a result, cylinder surfaces can be fabricated in a single process step with tight score spacing and the desired orientation.

Low cost, high quality

hsa’s new process saves time and associated costs without sacrificing quality. The process is easy to control and guarantees a very good printing result. It can be used flexibly in wet as well as dry processing. Helio brushing offers the perfect solution for an alternative and flexible surface treatment of gravure cylinders and embossing rollers.

The one-stop solution

The brushing method is versatile for the cleaning and processing of various surfaces. It is suitable, for example, for gravure and embossing cylinders with copper, steel, aluminum, and chrome surfaces.


      • Different surface roughnesses can be achieved in a controlled manner
      • Very uniform surface texture (Rz and Rmax nearly identical)
      • Very good printing results (no toning) due to tight score spacing (blade lubrication)
      • The orientation of the scores can be controlled
      • Long cylinder service life
      • Standard machines can be upgraded with a Helio Brushing unit
      • Can be integrated into existing polishing/finishing systems
      • Straightforward operation and parameter programming
      • Reduced production costs due to reduced throughput times
      • Supports wet and dry production process (no waste water)
      • Grinding agent savings (stones)
      • Minimum brush wear
      • Significantly cheaper than conventional polishing processes with significantly better quality!



      • For gravure cylinders and embossing cylinders
      • Copper surfaces - copper, steel and aluminium
      • Chrome surfaces
      • Deburring and cleaning of engraved, milled, etched and lasered cylinders
      • Cleaning and edge breaking on engravings


      • Accurate adjustments and control of contact pressure and speed
      • Touch screen with intuitive operation
      • Flexible uses due to low-profile installation height
      • Easily adapted on standard machinery
      • (bench polishers, lathes)
      • Identical with SA 100B design
      • With pneumatic height adjustment upgrade
      • Used primarily for embossing rollers