ETcompact – Gravur

Essential measuring advantages:

  • In-process inspection
  • Final inspection before the cylinder is shipped
  • Quality control of incoming cylinders
  • Wear inspections

The portable ETcompact inspection instrument is based on the widely trusted ET 2010 inspection device and combines all components of a premium precision microscope, a high-performance image processor, and a modern display into a single unit. The compact design supports inspections anywhere you need them, be it at the printing machine or on-site at the customer. The automatic inspection function in combination with the accurate rendering of the cylinder surface and ink cell bottom on the monitor supports an accurate analysis and calculation of ink cell surfaces and volumes. The continuously adjustable microscope lighting ensures the best possible rendering of the cylinder surface for any inspection task. A wide range of custom functions supports adapting the equipment to customer-specific requirements.

Main functions:

  • Image and inspection data storage
  • Printer interface
  • Network integration with in-house PC
  • Measurement of ink cell dimensions, such as:
  1. Length
  2. Width
  3. Puncture
  4. Ink cell depth
  5. Ink cell surface in µm²
  6. Volume in ml/m²
  7. Grid