ETcompact – Gravur

Essential measuring advantages:

  • In-process inspection: The measuring device inspects the surface during the production process to deliver an optimal end product.
  • Final inspection: With the engraving device, you can inspect the finished end product and ensure the satisfaction of your customers.
  • Quality control of incoming cylinders: Its compact design makes it an ideal device for incoming goods inspection. For example, engraving indentions and ridges can be measured quickly and easily, and the next steps of the procedure can be easily planned on an individual basis.
  • Wear inspections: Accurate and reliable measurement allows all forms of abrasion to be analyzed in seconds.

The transportable ETcompact measuring device, based on the proven ET 2010 measuring system, combines a large number of components. It is both a high-quality precision microscope and a powerful image-processing computer with a modern display—a true all-in-one device. The compact design allows flexible measurements, be it in the printing press or at the customer’s site.
With the help of the automatic measuring function and the precise display of the surfaces, the indention area and volume can be precisely calculated and evaluated. The stepless regulation of the microscope illumination guarantees an optimal representation of the cylinder surface for each measurement task. A wide array of special functions allows adaptation to customer specifications.

Main functions:

  • Image and inspection data storage
  • Printer interface
  • Network integration with in-house PC
  • Measurement of ink cell dimensions, such as:
  1. Length
  2. Width
  3. Puncture
  4. Ink cell depth
  5. Ink cell surface in µm²
  6. Volume in ml/m²
  7. Grid