ETmobile – engraving

The transportable measuring device ETmobile, based on the proven measuring system ETcompact, combines a multitude of components. It is both a high-quality precision microscope with on-board computer and camera, and a powerful image processing computer. Touchscreen and remote control simplify operation. The compact design allows flexible measurements, be it in the press or on site at the customer.

With the help of the automatic measuring function and the precise display of the surfaces, the cell area and volume can be precisely calculated and evaluated. The infinitely variable regulation of the microscope illumination guarantees an optimal representation of the cylinder surface for every measuring task. A wide range of special functions allows adaptation to customer-specific requirements.

Essential functions:

  • Precise measurement of the size, angle and area of the cylinder engraving pattern.
  • All in one system with microscope, camera and on-board computer.
  • Recording and storage with built-in memory, convenient for data analysis.
  • Built-in battery, small volume, convenient to carry and use on site.
  • Touch screen and remote control operation, a variety of display modes, convenient for observing different objects.
  • Built-in variety of measuring tools: measuring straight lines, angles, areas, parallel lines.

Microscope technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: Length: 230 mm, Width: 135 mm, Height: 195 mm, Weight: 2.40 kg (with lenses).
  • Stand with adjustable rubber feet
  • Adjustment: movement in x-y-z direction via vernier screws
  • Bayonet with 3 lenses for 4x, 10x and 20x magnification
  • Operating system: Android 5.1.1, model no. AOSP on drone