Layerthickness Measurement Instrument

Compact and rugged measurement instrument for straightforward and fast surface thickness measurements on cylinders (copper, chrome, etc.).

STcompact Fe / NFe – Layerthickness

Our compact hand-held measuring device enables precise measurement of galvanic layers on iron and steel using the magnetic-inductive method. Of course, measurements of insulating layers on non-ferrous metals such as lacquer on copper are also possible. Even difficult metal combinations such as chrome on copper are handled quickly and precisely using the eddy current method. Optimize your production process and go with a device from hsa.

  • Precision: Highly accurate measurements across the entire measurement range for standard applications.
  • Straightforward operation: No calibration. Only one function key. One-handed operation.
  • Trusted technology: Hall sensors and eddy current technology.
  • Wide range of uses: Dual sensor for measuring on steel and non-ferrous metals.
  • Gentle measurement: Polished ruby sensor heads to protect the sensor and inspection surfaces.