Special Engineering

Special solutions for the production of gravure cylinders. Benefit from high-quality electroplating plants, etching machines and special constructions.

We provide much more than the standard format.

Our experts have the brilliant ideas needed to develop custom machines for manufacturing gravure cylinders specifically to your specifications. The range of possibilities is infinite. Tap into the potential and the technical know-how of our experts. Specifically adapted machines unlock new opportunities for optimizing processes - customization and flexibility are the foundation for this.

The first step to the special-purpose machine

Traditional cylinder processing machines don’t live up to your expectations? You want to process your cylinders and rollers in-house, for example, with hard chrome plating? Get in touch with us and let our experts work together with you to plan your individual machine.

Delivery time and installation

After receiving your request for the design of an hsa special-purpose machine, our experts will plan it together with you.  In doing so, all requirements your machine must meet are indeed met. Then the planning goes into production and hsa delivers and installs your machine within the shortest possible time.

From the idea to the machine

Throughout the production process, we hold consultations with you to ultimately deliver ideal special-purpose machines. hsa offers you the opportunity to turn your ideas into a product and offers individual solutions.

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